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We focus on web technologies. We use them as a solid foundation and we are constantly updating to the latest realm advances.

Web Development

We have the knowledge and experience to build any type of website, ranging from presentation websites to full featured e-commerce and community ones.


We build, equip and train dedicated teams for offshore development. In terms of software development strategies we are strongly supporting agile development.

Web Design

We help our clients to clearly define their online branding ideas, going from storyboard and pencil sketches to great, appealing web pages.


We design web sites that can be viewed on desktops as well as mobile devices, or we can take it a step further, and design a dedicated mobile site that your customers can be automatically directed to while on-the-go.

Our aim is simple. We want to impress you. So we listen. We research your industry, your competitors and your market. We make sure we understand your unique challenges and pressures. And then we bring our expertise to the table, designing and delivering compelling, first-class solutions that meet your specific requirements.

Some awesome projects

We work as hard as possible to create awesome sites and applications.



Marius Neagu

With an interest in psychology and inter-human relationships, Marius has found the perfect calling as Technical Director of a wide range of interactive projects. He thrives on the challenge of working with Designers and Art Directors to develop successful websites, while working in various technologies and managing a team of IT professionals.

10 years of various international projects which involve server technologies like PHP, ASP and database systems like MySQL and MSSQL among others, sets Marius apart from others in his field.

His focus has grown to include innovative high-end technologies like Flash, Flex and Flash Media Server. The projects developed using these technologies are countless, varying from large social/community to gaming and interactive websites. Always embracing new challenges, Marius has had a major role in creating and managing several applications. One of which is Live Guide, an application that allows site administrators to easily interact with their visitors by using chat, live video and audio. Success is proven by its numerous customers, among which are Intel, IBM and SAS.

Marius has developed various innovative solutions for clients in both the US and Europe; all of which stem from his interest in psychology and inter-human relationships, and a passion for technology.

Born from a need to change an “eastern” mentality, Olive Studio has grown into company with clients all over the world.

What made this possible?

Close communication with our customers
Quality of end result
Swift delivery

How are we different?

Results with a personal touch. The customer is in a close relationship with us from planning till end result, being up-to-date on where things are and how development is going.

Custom applications development and Outsourcing. We provide both services depending on the customer’s needs.

The office is in a building from 1800s. Located in the old area of a beautiful city it gives a great insight on how great things are built.

Two brothers are running it. Even though quite different personality wise, we work well together.

Where do we go from here?

Closer contact to our customers

More services

More technologies

Partnerships with more creative agencies

Catalin Neagu

From an early age, Catalin has been focused on the business aspects of things surrounding him.
Together with a strong personality based on communication, understanding and social skills, Catalin grew into a strong manager.

Having the background of business studies, Catalin first worked in an Accounting Firm in Timisoara, Romania. This allowed him to deeply understand the background aspects related to the running of various businesses. It also provided insight into a variety of domains, from Production Companies to IT Businesses.

As a next step he started working for a large textile Company producing clothes for large international brands. His main responsibilities were enlarging the client portfolio, maintaining the existing client base, expanding the network of the self owned stores.

Having proven strong leadership capabilities, Catalin was promoted as the Executive Manager of the Distribution Company. On top of the existing responsibilities, Catalin was in charge of a team of over 20 people.

At the beginning of 2008 Catalin became the Executive Manager and Partner for Olive Studio.

With a team of over 10 people, Catalin focused on understanding customers and respecting their needs. He has developed a strong sense of what needs to be done both from a technical perspective and also from a management perspective.


No matter what platform your customers use, your website will be perfectly displayed, no matter if it is on a computer or a mobile device like a smartphone, tablet or phablet. Perfect optimization for all operating systems and resolutions.



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